Team Scooter Trash is a group of people that just can't get enough scooting! We like them all! Modern, Vintage, Vespas, Lambrettas, Buddys, Burgmans. If it's a scooter...we want to ride it!
Scooter Cannonball Run 2012

The 2012 Scooter Cannonball Run (CBR) is a coast to coast endurance event for scooters from Savannah, GA to San Diego, CA. It starts Sunday, 22 April 2012 and ends Sunday, 29 April 2012, with 8 days worth of riding across North America. Click the Cannonball Run logo for more details including the route and handicap system.

Four scooter heads make up Team Scooter Trash for CBR 2012
2 Riders and 2 Support Crew

Bocette (Diane) Support Extrodinare
Jackie Support Extrodinare
Mapsail13 (Melanie) Rider #18 2001 Vespa ET4
Scooter Raton (aka DUDE!) Rider #42 1967 Vespa GT
Why Would Anyone Do This?
Yes we are that crazy about scooters! The opportunity to ride scooters cross country with other people as wacky as we are is just too good to pass up! Eight days of ride, eat, sleep, repeat
Team Scooter Trash (TST) is participating in the 2012 Scooter Cannonball Run!
TST has participated in many rides for charities. We have decided that even though we are doing this for personal reasons, why not doing something to benefit a great organization; Surfers for Autism; a 501(c)3 foundation. After all...surfers can be a bit off beat, a little crude, marching to the sound of a different oboe other words...our kind of people!
We are accepting pledges for miles ridden. As the CBR is notorious for destroying scooters we are requesting a minimum pledge of a penny per mile for the 2,500 mile run. Thats right...only one cent, a copper, an Abe, one onehundreth of a dollar, micro moolah! Let's face it, a penny is barely money anymore! Toss a penny to SFA for each mile! See our Pledge page to donate.
Follow Our Progress!
You can follow the progress of TST on the CBR page. There you will find updates from the team and links to the tracking sites. You can follow individual riders or view the progress of the entire run!
Photos and links to videos can be found on the Gallery page.
Need TST Gear?
Of course you need Team Scooter Trash gear! Show your support for the team! We are offering a variety of Team Scooter Trash swag in both Vespa and Lambretta script and are offering Special Edition TST CBR 2012 items with our CBR motto "Rolling 10 on the Asphalt Waves". Please note that proceeds from the TST store support our participation in CBR 2012.
Support Team Scooter Trash!
Sponsorship or Corporate Support of Team Scooter Trash is most welcome! Why not do something to benefit a great organization! We have plenty of space available on our support vehicle for your promotion!
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Please contact for sponsorship details!
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Please visit our sponsors, we wouldn't make it without them!
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